We always aim to prepare cultural events and other initiatives that meet the highest standards, are interactive and live up to the participants’ expectations. Sometimes this requires being in two places at the same time, making three phone calls at once and signing four different contracts…

In such moments the aid provided by our volunteers is priceless. Without them we would not be able to prepare even half of our events and projects.

There is a group of people who continually cooperate with the Foundation. However, we always welcome new members with open arms that want to participate in the Foundation’s activities.

If you are interested in the Foundation’s activity or are looking for experience, please contact us directly. We propose satisfying, tailor-made tasks that do not force you to resign from your previous plans or cut back on your free time. Such tasks may consist of poster distribution, small translations, preparation of documents for an event, help out at an opening of an exhibition and so on. We should also add that our volunteers receive reference letters and certificates.

Interested to volunteer? Please send an e-mail to info@fundacjasfera.org