Among our fellow co-workers are:

Amaia Donés Mendia – lecturer in Basque language and culture; she is an active translator and as such she fulfils herself in one of her passions; she also co-organises various events in Poznań promoting culture of the Basque Country.

Natalia Stolarska – student and enthusiast of foreign languages; she graduated in ethnolinguistics from Adam Mickiewicz University where she also started learning Basque language; for several years she has helped to organise events in Poznań promoting culture of the Basque Country; currently, she studies Celtic languages; she likes reading, drawing and dancing.

Agnieszka Pokrywka – she devotes her energy to animation, graphic arts and street art; she is the author of the new graphic design of the Foundation’s website.

Tomek Jaroszyk – graduate in computer science from Adam Mickiewicz University; photography enthusiast who also likes skateboarding; administrator of the Foundation’s website and our consultant on computers and IT.

Asia Górewska – graduate in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań; photography and collage enthusiast; author of the poster SFERA POZNAÑ.

Ewa Grabowska – Romanist who has a weakness for literature, history, the Middle Ages and Belgium; after hours, she devotes her energy to graphic arts and design; she shows a particular interest in poster art and typography; she relaxes when she draws and reads books by Amélie Nothomb; she is the author of the poster for the Foundation’s project “Hiszpania do 4. Potęgi” (Spain to the power of four).

Our volunteers:

Tamara Ciechanowska, Tomasz Wosik, Dorota Biela, Paulina Wasiak, Joanna Guźniczak, Sylwia Gronostaj, Alicja Zasadowska, Ewa Żukowska, Aleksandra Szuma

Our translators:

Alicja Wiącek, Roksana Cieszkowska, Katarzyna Kuziemko

We would like to extend our thanks to all who created the versions of the Foundation’s website in other languages:

to dr Alfons Gregori i Gomis and Agnieszka Przychodniak (Catalan),

to Matylda Figlerowicz, Agnieszka Nawrocka and Hélène Voinson (French),

to Amaia Donés Mendia (Basque; the site under construction).