The Sfera Foundation aims to popularise the cultures and languages of Romance countries in Poland thus it facilitates access to training courses, workshops and other courses concerning Romance languages.

The Sfera Foundation is not a language school, but it constantly cooperates with institutions teaching Romance languages not only in Poznań, but also in the whole Poland.

Do you need a lecturer for special assignments?

Do you have any untypical requirements?

Do you want to learn foreign languages in an unconventional group?

We can organise courses or workshops for you, as well as recommend a reliable teacher or an institution specialised in teaching foreign languages.

We have already organized various workshops and training courses at special request of our clients such as:

  • Children group, or games and activities with Spanish (in different age groups – from 6 to 13 years old)
  • Women 40+ group – relaxing workshops for mature women
  • Thematic groups – for instance, Spanish for flamenco enthusiasts
  • Workshops on Catalan language and culture
  • Demonstration lessons of Spanish, Catalan and Basque